Monday, 25 September 2017

Important Info! (KA & KB)

Please note the following:

1) Seesaw portfolio information was sent home last week enabling you to join/view your child's online learning journal. At this time, the students have not yet been formally introduced to Seesaw and may not be aware of all the photos in their journal. We will be formally introducing Seesaw next week to the Kiddos!

2) On Thursday evening, the school will be hosting a 30th anniversary celebration in conjunction with an open house between 4:30 - 6:30. I hope all our K families will be able to partake in the festivities. Unfortunately, due to a previous appointment, I will be out of town and unable to be at the school. As such, our classroom will not be open, however, there are two different bulletin boards with our K's art work displayed in the red hallway. Please feel free to come and take a look!

Have a great night!

Our Unique Names (KA & KB)

Last week, we began spending time discovering how each of us is "Unique". So far we have concentrated on how our names contribute to making us special/one of a kind, and why we should be proud of them. The Kiddoes had a chance to create their own "unique" representation of their names,










learn about and participate in a Talking Circle utilizing First Nations traditions to share why their names were given to them, 


and enjoy some amazing stories. It was really interesting and quite an experience to see how the Kiddoes began to take pride in their own "uniqueness". Thank you for taking the time to share your family stories with me. If you have time, you should stop by and take a look at the "Identi-tree" we created. It begins to tell the story of our Kindergarten Family.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Blog Posting

Over the past three weeks, I have struggled with blog posting for both K classes. When Kindergarten was a half day program, I was able to blog simultaneously for both classes. However, I am finding it difficult to do this with a full day program. One of the main reasons I like to blog, is to help keep families informed of the learning and adventures happening in class, so you are able to talk about it later at home. However, with the staggered schedule, I am noticing it may be a few days until both classes have completed similar activities enabling me to blog. I have decided to split the blog this year to combat this problem.

In the title section on each post, I will label it as either KA or KB so you will know if the post is about your child's class. You will notice posts that are identical during the week, but with different pictures and posted at different times. I will continue to send a 'remind' text with blog links when updates are posted. I hope this will enable me to pass on information in a more timely manner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email!



Writing Our Names The Kindergarten Way!

During circle time we have been selecting one student each day to be our "special person" of the day. During this activity we get to interview the special person, cheer and chant our his/her name, dissect each name (count the number of letters, syllables) and then we cut up the special person's name and his/her job is to see if they can put it back together. The Kiddoes have been learning names always have a capital letter at the beginning because they are super important and all super important words have a capital letter. They have also started to notice there is only ONE capital letter in a name (usually!!). So, during journal time last week, we learned how to write our names the Kindergarten Way!! It was a struggle for many of the Kiddoes to use lower case letters. However, I was very proud of each and every one of them for trying their very best!

Name writing practice is not something I will have the children complete as a table activity. I have found incidental learning through play to be a more effective learning opportunity. Throughout the year, many of the Kiddoes' learning centres have a literacy component attached where the Kiddoes are writing for their own purposes. It is an amazing thing to watch as this skill develops over time. Please watch and help your child at home when he/she is printing his/her name to ONLY use lower case letters!!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

International Dot Day

Over the past week in class we celebrated International Dot Day. Right now you may be scratching your head wondering what International Dot Day is. This day has been set aside each year for classrooms around the world to get connected and to inspire students to make their mark! Based on the story "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds, students discover their inner artist and the ways in which they can make their mark. Often in class I overhear students lament about their inability to draw. However, we learned that we are ALL artists and that making a single dot on a paper is a way to "make our mark". The students were challenged to "make their mark" by drawing dots in crayon along the first letter in their name.





Once finished, we experimented just like 'Vashti' from the book with making different kinds of dots with water colour paints. Much to our surprise, when we painted over the crayon, it magically popped out! It was super cool to see how we could make amazing creations from just dots!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Gingerbread Man

This week we had had fun and learned a great deal while enjoying many activities stemming from the tale "The Gingerbread Man".

Initially, the Kiddoes were amazed to learn the written tale was in fact traditionally an oral story. It wasn't until recently (past 100 years) that individuals chose to record the tale into the written form. This understanding came as a result of noticing that instead of having an "author" on the cover, it stated, "retold by". It was interesting watching the Kiddoes begin to think "critically" about a story while also listening for enjoyment. Their ability to detect minute details around similarities and differences within the various versions was amazing. We also focused on "beginning, middle, end" of the story and making connections to things we already know and other books.

During the week the Kiddoes were also presented with other learning experiences. They created their own unique Gingerbread Man, and the highlight of the week was decorating a life sized Gingerbread Man cookie. There was an overwhelming amount of excitement in the afternoon when it was going to be time to eat it. After recess, I announced that it was time for us to finally eat our gingerbread man. All the Kiddoes surrounded the table and started a countdown for our feast. Much to our horror, when I lifted off the cover on the cookie, our gingerbread man was gone. In his place, he left a note telling us he did not want to be our snack. However, the gingerbread man did leave us a clue as to where he was going. After deciphering the first clue, we headed to the library to see if we could find him. When we got to the library, we were sad to find out that we had just missed the crafty cookie, but he did leave us another note. The Kiddoes figured out the next clue told us that the gingerbread man was off to see our amazing Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Leusink. However, once again we missed the tricky little man, but..... he left another note to taunt us. The note told us to look for him by the leader of our school. First we tried the Vice-Principal's office, but Mrs. Geddes let us know he hadn't been there. So next we tried the Principal`s office. What luck, we just missed him again. However, Mrs. Nelson read to us the note he left in her office. It told us to find room 302, which he said was the best in the school. We left the office and went on a hunt around the school to find room 302. What we found was a surprise. Room 302 was OUR room. We opened the door and there, back on the table was our gingerbread man! We sat down to finally enjoy our tasty little man.

The conversations I overheard while the Kiddoes were eating were amazing. I loved listening to all the different theories on how our gingerbread man was able to escape. The Kiddoes were even making connections to some of our stories in their explanations.

Last week was filled with lots of laughter and learning. Without even knowing it, the Kiddoes were exposed to outcomes in all of our curricular subjects. If this week is any indication of what the next 9 months are going to bring, I know I for one, am very excited.

Take a look at the following videos!



Friday, 8 September 2017

How We Got Ready For Kindergarten

During the past two days, we enjoyed the story "Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten", written by Joseph Slate. We enjoyed the rhyming pattern of the story, the illustrations, and being able to join in and chorus certain parts that were repeated. We had many laughs over how the "children" and "Mrs. Bindergarten" all got ready for Kindergarten in various ways. Once the story was finished, we brainstormed how each of us got ready for Kindergarten. It was an interesting and lively discussion which ensued. The children had such wonderful ideas, we decided to publish them into our first classroom book. Each Kiddo sat down and began to "illustrate" and "write" what he/she did to get ready for Kindergarten. Once we were finished, I bound all the pages together into a book and we presented it to the Kiddos. It was wonderful to see their looks of astonishment and pride that in the first week of school, they were already Authors and Illustrators. We should this uploaded to Seesaw in the coming week!