Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Animals in Winter (KA & KB)

 Animals in Winter

Over the next couple weeks, the kiddos will be learning about animals in winter. We will be discussing the different ways that we are connected to nature, and how the changing of the seasons affects us as humans as well as how it affects animals. 

In the last two days, the kiddos were introduced to The Medicine Wheel. They learnt that this First Nations symbol represents the First Nation's way of life, and that we are all a part of this circle. They also learnt that there are many things in the First Nation's way of life that are connected to the number four. This lead us into a discussion about the four seasons we experience here in Saskatchewan. I prompted the kiddos to think… how are we affected by the changing seasons? What kinds of things do we have to do when the seasons change? This was a great discussion that created understanding with the kiddos that they are in fact connected to and affected by nature. 

Once we were finished having conversations about how winter and the seasons affect us, we discussed how it might affect animals. Many kiddos knew that bears hibernate, but I questioned them further and encouraged them to “wonder” about other animals. You could see the look of curiosity on their faces as they shared their wonders… “I wonder what happens to turtles when the ice freezes?”  and “I wonder what happens to bees and butterflies?”  We then sat down and drew our “wonders” in our journals. 

We finished off with a First Nation's oral story about the coming of the seasons. The kiddos enjoyed using their imaginations to follow the story and make predictions. They are excited to see what the rest of the week has to bring!

Makerspace Family Night

Makerspace Family Fun Night


Henry Braun School

Wednesday, November 22  from 6-7pm

Bring your families! All grades welcome!
A makerspace is a place where students can gather to work on projects, collaborate, create, problem solve and learn perseverance!

Bring a roll of tape and any materials that would be fun to create with such as all types of paper, sewing materials, recyclables, tools, yarn or string, cardboard of any kind, or craft supplies!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Miss Maier Taking Over!!!

Miss Maier. will be taking over the room and blog starting on Tuesday next week. She has a ton of exciting and engaging learning experiences planned. The Kiddoes are in great hands!

This is Ms. S. stepping back!!!!!

Treaty Education

This week, I began discussing the concept of promises with the Kiddos. When questioned about the meaning, lots of the Kiddos could give examples of promises, but to actually define what a promise is, they found to be quite difficult. We learned that promises have three distinct qualities. First, they need to be between at least two or more people, second, they need to have a definitive time outlined and finally, they must be about what one will do.

To illustrate the concept of a promise, we read the story by Robert Munsch entitled, "A Promise Is A Promise".

The story perfectly complemented our discussion as it talked what a promise is, why promises are important and what can happen if promises are not kept. Upon finishing the story, it was our turn to make some promises. We decided to make promises to the classroom and each other. Our promises reflected our commitment to making our room the best place it can be. We held a talking circle where each Kiddo promised (to the room and each other) that this year (time line) they would .........Once the circle was completed, I asked the Kiddos if they were going to be able to remember all the promises! It was decided that perhaps, just like Ms. S., our memories were not one of our "gifts". Thus, we figured we should write them down.

Once our promises were completed, I challenged the Kiddos thinking and asked, "What happens if you don't keep your promise?" There were quite a few funny and interesting suggestions made, but in the end, I introduced the word "Treaty". A treaty is a super special promise which can never be broken. I was so happy when quite a few of the Kiddos connected instantly the word 'treaty' to living on treaty #4 land.

Using a map of the world, I reviewed with the Kiddos were many of our ancestors may have lived before coming to Canada. The Kiddos did an excellent job remembering how newcomers came to what we now call Canada, and how the First Nations People who were the original inhabitants of our land, helped the settlers to survive in the new world. I explained that treaties (super special promises that included two entities, had a time frame, were written down and signed) were created between the First Nations People and the settlers enabling all people to reside on the same land. The treaty signed in our area was treaty #4, so this made us treaty people. The Kiddos learned that treaties were promises which could never be broken as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow.

After learning this new information, our class decided to turn our promises into treaties so they could never be broken. We had an elaborate signing ceremony where each Kiddoe came up and signed his/her promise and turned it into a treaty to our room.

This lesson was for many Kiddos in the room, their first introduction to the term, “treaty”. We will be revisiting this topic over the course of the year.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Online Conference Link

This year, the school has moved to an online registration process for conferences. It is our hope this process will enable families to choose a time that works best in their own unique circumstances. Kindergarten has three days from which to choose a time. You can choose a time on either Wednesday, November 15th, Thursday, November 16th or Friday, November 17th. The following is a link you can use to enter the online sign up page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Remembrance Day (KA & KB)

We continued our discussion about peace yesterday and today by talking about Remembrance Day. The Kiddos learned that there are men and women all over the world who have in the past, and are currently working to ensure everyone has access to the same peace we enjoy. We celebrate Remembrance Day as a way to say 'Thank You', and we use the poppy as a symbol of this thanks. Once we finished this discussion, the Kiddos headed to the tables to create poppies for our classroom wreath. Check out your child's portfolio to see his/her poppy.

On Friday, our school will be holding a Remembrance Day ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come. If you would like to make a donation for your child's poppy, you are more than welcome to send some change to school tomorrow and on Friday.



Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Peace Education

With Remembrance Day approaching, I have spent some time over the past week discussing the concept of "peace" with the Kiddoes. We read a story by Todd Parr entitled, "The Peace Book". This book accurately and age appropriately discusses with many relevant examples, what peace is.

We have begun to learn this week that peace means having all of our "needs" met. (i.e. a safe place to live, enough food and water, the ability to go to school, access to medicine etc.) The Kiddoes have been presented with images/stories from around the world and in our own city and engaged in discussions about whether or not individuals from various countries and those in our own country/province/city have the same amount of peace that we are lucky enough to have. It is an honour to be present when you see the Kiddoes’ heads slightly shift and you can tell that they are thinking deeply about equity/inequity. Challenging the thinking of the Kiddoes (always in an age appropriate manner) is an integral part of our curriculum and in helping them to become global citizens.

Coming home this week in your child's backpack is a sheet talking about the difference in the amount people are able to spend on food. Take some time to discuss and fill in the sheet with your child and we will be discussing this as a class next week!