Monday, 24 April 2017

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Recently, we added the concept development of 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' to our daily calendar time. Today, while figuring out these days, I was reminded of a couple of well known songs with these words in the title. I shared part of the Beatles hit, 'Yesterday' as well as the familiar song from Annie, 'Tomorrow" with the Kinders. We decided that from now on, it would be fun to add a bit of jazz to our calendar routine and sing some of the words from these songs while figuring out what day goes with which word! Always having a good time in our room!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Floral Conservatory Field Trip

Today was an exciting day in Kindergarten!! We took off on our field trip to the Floral Conservatory where we met Joanne, our guide. She was a wealth of knowledge, who sparked our excitement for all the changes that we see in Spring! We learned about many different plants and everything that the plants may do for us. From trees to hyson she taught us their purpose. The Kinders had the opportunity afterwards to plant their very own oregano plant! Joanne taught us that if we pick some of the oregano leaves off our plant, dry them out and then crush them up, they are a delicious herb to supplement a pizza or spaghetti sauce! 

Next we split off into groups and explored the conservatory! Here the Kinders had the opportunity to exercise multiple senses by seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling the beautiful plants. The conservatory had a plethora of different displays including a desert and rainforest area! In the desert display, the Kinders were surprised to know that the plants did not need soil or a lot of water! Check out our videos of our days adventure: 




Monday, 10 April 2017

Family Board Game Night!

Greetings Families,

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, families from grades Kindergarten- Grade 2/3 will be invited to Henry Brain's annual Board Game Night!

WHEN: 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm

WHERE: Library

Please feel free to bring any board games from home! We look forward to seeing you there! :)

Mrs. Geddes
Miss Gaudet
Ms. Leach
Ms. Stuart
Miss. Horvath
Miss. Dundas
Miss. Kajati
Ms. Tremblay

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Project Update

Our project has been an interesting one so far! A few weeks ago we planted our beans in CD cases so that we could watch the seed grow from top to bottom. A week later, we realized that this planting method was not going to work. A lot of our seeds were not growing and began to turn white and fuzzy. We discussed what the white fuzzy stuff could be and how it got there. It was tough to come up with factual reasoning because we gave our plants everything that it needed to grow: peat, water, seed and light! After further discussion, we decided to seek out information by looking on the internet.  A website we found told us that the white fuzzy growth was fungus and that it was caused from a combination of too much water and not enough air. Considering the fungus was not allowing our beans to grow, the Kinders came up with a solution to replant our seeds into small pots. The pots would allow the seed and peat to breath and we could adjust our problem of over watering. This however, was a valuable experience because we learned that our actions can effect other living things such as plants!

Over the weekend, some of our plants began to grow and some of them did not! The Kinders gained the responsibility of watering their own plant with a spray bottle during explore time. Yesterday, however, we ran into yet again, another problem. Every morning/ afternoon, we noticed that the soil was very dry . Our experts next door, Ms. Leach's grade two horticulturist, told us that they only need to water their plants twice a week. If we only watered our plants twice a week, there would be no way that our bean would grow. We were finding that we needed to water our plants once, if not twice everyday! We needed to figure out how we could trap the right amount of moisture into our pots. Some of the Kinders had excellent ideas as to how we could accomplish a moisture trap, however, we concluded it may be best if we look in a book to find an idea. Our classroom library has many books on gardening projects and one of the Kinders found a project where someone was growing a seed and trapped the moisture by putting a glass over top of their pot. We discussed what condensation was and how the cup would work because it acts as a trap to keep the water into our pots after watering it. At explore time the Kinders watered their plants and trapped the moisture by adding a cup over top. Next week will be interesting to reveal if our traps worked or not!

Here are some pictures of the progression of our project:

CD cases

Replanted into pots

Trapping the moisture in



- Ms.K

Teddy Bears Anonymous

Yesterday one of the Kinders asked me why we were bringing money to wear pyjamas at school! Together we sat down and discussed the Teddy Bears Anonymous organization and how the money we raise goes towards buying teddy bears for children who are sick and need to spend some time at hospital. This discussion raised a multitude of stories from the Kinders who had also been in the hospital themselves and received a teddy bear as a form of comfort when they were not feeling well. It was truly heart warming to see how our experiences quickly evoked empathy within the Kinders. We browsed the website together and found pictures of children who received a teddy bear from the organization, as well as testimonials of families thanking Teddy Bears Anonymous. The Kinders then wanted to figure out how much money our KAM and KPM raised all together so I dumped our donations into a pile in the middle of our circle. A couple of the Kinders thought that it may be a little overwhelming to just start counting the money when it was all mixed together, so someone else suggested that we sort it first! Together we came up with sorting rules for the money, including by color, size, worth and pictures on the coin. Once the money was sorted, we counted a grand total of $96.50. Great work my friends! This is something that should make your heart feel huge!!

Here are some pictures of our day:



- Ms.K

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Light and Shadow Theatre

Lately I have noticed that whenever we turn the projector on, to look up information on the internet, the Kinders almost always put their hands up to see their shadow. This inspired me to create a light and shadow theatre in our classroom! Just like most theatres, the Kinders must receive a ticket before entering the theatre. This is obtained by writing their name and date on a "Theatre Ticket!"

 The Kinders were beaming with excitement as they discovered all the different ways to play and learn in the centre. On the small light table, the Kinders are invited to experiment the transparency of different objects. Currently, there are books about constellations and outer space. Today the Kinders put on one of the constellation background transparencies and began to replicate some of the constellations they were seeing in the book! 

On the other side of the centre, we have a shadow theatre. It was inspiring to see how well the Kinders worked together to create a collaborative story using the shadow puppets. One of the Kinders pointed out that when the disco ball was spun, it made it look like stars were shining in our classroom! Here are some photos from opening day: 



- Ms. K

Friday, 24 March 2017

Indoor Garden Project

On Wednesday, the Kinders and I got into a discussion about all the changes we had been seeing outside. Some of the changes that were brought forth were: the sun seems to be out more often, it is getting warmer outside, the snow is melting, we can see grass on the ground, puddles, mud and we have heard/ seen some of the animals that migrate/ adapt/ hibernate prancing around. Together, we concluded that these changes MUST mean it is Spring!! We proceeded to converse about what happens in Spring such as baby animals are born, we get to ride our bikes and plants start to grow. In lieu of our discussion, we read a version Jack and the Beanstalk, retold by Anna Milbourne. After reading the story, one of the Kinders asked, “Ms. K, can beanstalks really grow that tall?” This questions sparked all sorts of comments and suggestions from the kids. Considering no one was certain how tall a beanstalk really could grow, the Kinders suggested that we conduct an experiment!

Next we brainstormed all the things we would need to know in order to begin this experiment considering we would never want to hurt the plants. Here are the questions we came up with:

On Thursday, we branched out to find out some of the questions we had so that we could begin! The A.M class FaceTimed Madeline, a plant scientist who lives in Saskatoon. She was knowledgeable enough to tell us everything we needed to find, as well as where to find the materials! One of the Kinders in the P.M suggested that we had plant experts right in our school that could possibly answer our questions. He exclaimed that Ms.Leach’s grade two’s had giant plants in their classroom. We headed over to next door and had the grade two’s answer the questions we had and give us a tour of their indoor garden.



Today we realized that we had all the information that we needed in order to begin our project! We learned from our experts that plants need peat (soil), water, light and a seed to grow. First we decided to make a plan, to ensure that we did not waste any materials. Here are some pictures of the very proud horticulturists we had in our classroom today:



- Ms.K