Thursday, 29 June 2017

Introducing the New Grade 1's

Today is bittersweet day. I am so proud of 43 amazing pint sized people with whom I was honoured to spend the year. It is hard to believe how quickly the time passed. Say hello to the new Grade 1's!!!!

Mrs. Senicar's Class

Ms. Horvath's Class

The Last Day of School

It is hard to believe 183 days of Kindergarten are gone. The year flew by so quickly. We finished off the year by celebrating with a balloon party. Our first game was musical balloons. As music played, the Kiddoes were challenged to bat the balloons all around the room. When the music stopped, I called out a letter and whoever was holding the balloon with that letter on it received a prize!




Once finished, we headed outside to enjoy some fun with water balloons. The first game had the Kiddoes pair up and see who could toss/catch the balloon the furthest apart.



Finally it was time to get a little bit wet!! (Or a lot wet as it turned out!) Each Kiddoe had a balloon with which to spray and it was hilarious to watch as they went after each other!!



All too quickly our last day of Kindergarten came to an end. We have a come a long way this year together and I will never forget these amazing classes or the amazing families behind them. I want to say a sincere THANK YOU for all of your generosity and kind words. I love what I do and it has been an honour to spend the year with everyone. I would love to see what the Kiddoes are up to over the summer break.  I hope you have a great summer!!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mixed Kindergarten Candy Cane Park Fun

Today was indeed a special day! Both Kindergarten classes (42 students) were able to finally meet and hang out together. It was a great way to introduce the Kiddoes to some new friends who may be in their new grade one class. There were many laughs and excited yelps heard throughout the morning. Watch the video below to sneak a quick peak into the fun had by both the morning and afternoon Kindergarten classes. (There were many schools at the park as well, so it was difficult to get many photos without other children in them.)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Year End Memory Books

The other day the Kiddos and I were lamenting the fact that Kindergarten was going to be over very soon. We have had such a great year and met so many new friends. One Kiddo asked if we could make a memory book of friends so that we would always remember Kindergarten. Not one to shut down ideas, I agreed to this project (I know... only a few days left!) Using the app 'Book Creator' the Kiddos set off yesterday to begin making their books. The app enables them to draw, take photos, type, and record their voices. Not only being a great collaborative and literacy project, this project also enables them to practice some digital citizenship experiences. We have some time on Monday to finish our books before we upload them to Seesaw. Here is a quick snapshot of our learning and click on the links below to see us in action!





Morning Sneak Peak Video!!!

Afternoon Sneak Peak Video

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Year End With Our Buddies

It turned out to be an absolutely perfect day to hit up the spray park with our learning buddies. Unfortunately, Ms Carteri's class was unable to join us in the afternoon, however, Mr Goby's class (a.m. learning partners) spent the day with both Kinder classes! We had a blast! Take a look at our fun.



Monday, 19 June 2017

Important Information for the Spray Park

Tomorrow we are heading to the spray park with our buddies for a year end wind up. Please note the following:

1) Have your child wear his/her bathing suit to school tomorrow under his/her clothes. We do not have time to change at the school.

2) Please apply sunscreen to your child at home before they come to school.

3) Please send a towel in your child's backpack.

4) Please do not send any water toys.

Thanks for your help!

Fingers crossed for nice weather!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day. I sure hope all our Kindy Dads have had a great day. I know the Kiddos were excited to share the day with you and share their special surprise. Our Father's day project comes with a bit of a background story. When I was in Kindergarten, I made a pet rock for my Dad. He kept it on his desk until he retired and it now resides in the basement by the computer. 30+ years later it has lost all the decorations and moss, however, the red and white painted rock on a piece of wood still holds a prominent spot in my Dad's memories. I told the Kiddos this story and it was fun to watch them go through the same experience I did so long ago. I hope you enjoy your Kiddo's surprise as much as my Dad did!